HUMMA Finnish steckenpferd Advent calender 2022

Advent calender 2022

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Buy a wonderful Christmas or Advent calendar for you, a relative or for the whole family. In the Hobby horse Christmas calendar you get:

  • 1 size XL  dressage hobby horse PRO
  • 1 size L  dressage hobby horse PRO
  • 1 size L allround hobby horse PRO 
  • 1 size M allround hobby horse PRO
  • 1 size S allround hobby horse BASIC
  • 1 UNIQUE hobby horse size M (The UNIQUE hobby horse model of which only one is made)
  • 2 snaffle bridle
  • 3 mexican bridle
  • 1 size S BASIC bridle
  •  6 halters 
  • 5 leadropes
  • 1 hobby horse obstacle

If you buy this and know a model you must have or a model you know you absolutely don't like, don't hesitate letting us know! 

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