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PRE-ORDER Dressage Humma Hobby Horse

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Buy the hobby horse you want from HUMMA by pre-ordering. By pre-ordering you ensure that you get the following horse made of the model you want. We will first manufacture the pre-ordered hobby horses and ship them to those who placed the pre-order and secondly add them to the shop available to all customers. In this way, you have the opportunity to buy yourself priority, at no extra cost to you. The hobby horse is sent as soon as it is ready and you will receive a tracking code with a link to be able to follow the transport.
After you have made your order you will get in a few days an email with a estimation when the hobby horse is ready to be sent. You will have the opportunity to cancel your order.
  • PROVIDES you the most wonderful hobbyhorsing moments with joy, creativity, community and exercise
  • WELL BALANCED easy and fun to ride, perfect for riding dressage or simply riding in the nature
  • REALISTIC DESIGN inspired by real horses to achieve their appearance and characteristics 
  • BODY SIZE 33 x 30 cm with a 45 cm attachable birch stick. Total weight 1000 g
  • HANDMADE with love by professional artisans using high-quality sustainable materials
  • MADE IN FINLAND with its beautiful lakes and forests this is where the hobby horse revolution started and is spreading across the world

Dressage is all about an incredible relationship between the horse and the rider. It's like magic when the horse and the rider are dancing together. And these horses, well, they have their personalities, but they will listen to all your signals, it's almost like they can read your mind. And that's dressage at its best.

Read more about the models on the main product page for the specific hobby horse.

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