Shipping schedules for Christmas 2021 -Now express price 19,90

Hobby horse for christmas

Christmas is approaching and we get questions about deliveries before Christmas. Will the package be delivered before Christmas? We have compiled a list of dates when the order should be made at the latest if you want to be sure that the package arrives before Christmas. The brave can also order later and the package may arrive in time, but no guarantees can be promised in that case.

Place your order while there are still hobby horses available and make sure you get your hobby horse for Christmas by choosing the right delivery method. The last order day to be sure to get your hobby horses and accessories before Christmas 2021 are shown below. 


Posti 20.12 12:00

Matkahuolto 20.12 12:00


Posti parcel connect (with DHL) 8.12 12:00
UPS Standard 14.12

UPS express saver 21.12 - Christmas time price 19,90€

Sweden and Denmark

Posti parcel connect 14.12 12:00 
UPS Standard 16.12

UPS express saver 21.12 - Christmas time price 19,90€

Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Netherlands

Posti parcel connect (with DHL or Bring) 8.12 12:00
UPS Standard 13.12

UPS express saver 21.12 - Christmas time price 19,90€

Rest of EU 

UPS Standard 12.12

UPS express saver 20.12 - Christmas time price 19,90€


West part 8.12

East part 1.12

Europe outside EU

UPS Standard 9.12

UPS express saver 19.12 - Christmas time price 19,90€

Outside Europe

UPS Standard 6.12

UPS express saver 12.12 - Christmas time price 19,90€

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