Hobby horse

The term "hobby horse" can have different meanings depending on the context. Here are a couple of common interpretations:

  1. Playful Toy: In its most basic sense, a hobby horse refers to a child's toy or plaything that resembles a horse. It typically consists of a stick or handle attached to a horse's head, which is often made of fabric or other materials. Children can hold onto the stick and pretend to ride the hobby horse, using their imagination to engage in imaginative play and mimic horseback riding.

  2. Folklore and Tradition: In certain cultural and historical contexts, a hobby horse has been associated with traditional customs and folklore. For example, during May Day celebrations in some European countries, people may participate in "hobby horse" parades or performances. These involve individuals donning a costume that represents a horse, often made of a wooden frame covered with fabric or other materials. The person inside the costume manipulates it to create the illusion of a prancing or dancing horse. This tradition is rooted in ancient rituals and symbolizes fertility, spring, and warding off evil spirits.

  3. The sport hobby horse: 

    Hobby horsing combines sport, hobby, and imaginative play. It's gained popularity worldwide with organized competitions. Participants mimic equestrian activities, showcasing skills in dressage, jumping, and creative performances. Judged on skill, creativity, and execution, hobby horsing has its own rules and associations. It's viewed as both a recreational activity and a competitive sport due to its physical and skill-based elements.

Additionally, the term "hobby horse" can be used metaphorically to describe a particular interest, activity, or topic that someone is passionate about and pursues in their leisure time. It refers to a hobby or recreational pursuit that brings enjoyment and satisfaction to an individual. For example, someone might say, "Photography is my hobby horse," meaning that photography is their main hobby or passion.

It's important to note that the meaning of "hobby horse" can vary depending on the cultural, historical, or individual context in which it is used. For us hobby horse means the best hobby in the world