Is hobby horse a sport?

From time to time we got the question if hobbyhorsing and hobby horses is a sport. Hobby horsing is often referred to as a sport, although it can also be seen as a combination of sport, hobby, and imaginative play. While it may not be recognized as an official sport in traditional sporting institutions, hobby horsing has gained popularity and has organized competitions and events in many countries.

In hobby horsing, participants mimic equestrian activities by riding and performing various movements with their hobby horses. These activities can include dressage-like routines, jumping over obstacles, and other creative performances. Participants are judged on their skills, creativity, and execution.

Hobby horsing has developed its own rules, associations, and competitive events, attracting a growing community of enthusiasts. While some may view it purely as a recreational activity or a hobby, others consider it a competitive sport due to the physical and skill-based elements involved.