Humma - Finnish Hobby Horses

Humma - Finnish Hobby Horses is a hobby horse horse brand from Finland. Humma is a familjy company with the goal to design and create high quality hobby horses for the whole world. For more informaiton, please read About Us

Humma was foundedin December 2019 and we started our online store in November 2020.

Behind Humma are three families from Ostrobothnia in Finland who loves, needs and uses hobby horses daily.

Sustainability and ethical matter have been important to us from the very beginning. We want to make high quality hobby horses with ethical and durable materials.

We choose materials with care. Our goal is to constantly meet the following criteria: The hobby horse should look good, it should be comfortable to touch, it should last a long time and it should be as environmentally friendly as possible.

We don't have a store location but we aim to be on place on horse fairs and hobby horse competitions.

You can always order online - we ship internationally!

You can contact us by email on, on phone +358505339772, by message or WhatsApp +358505339772

Buying from

Our hobby horses and accessories are shipped from Vaasa, Finland

Humma is located in Mustasaari and Vaasa in Finland

Our currency is Euro because we are located in Finland. To see what the products costs in your currency, you can use this

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We do not currently offer gift wrapping.


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We offer credit-and debit card payments, online bank payments, Apple Pay, PayPal and Klarna invoices and part payments.

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Wir versenden in die ganze Welt, aber wir versenden nicht in Katastrophengebiete, Kriegsgebiete oder andere schwer erreichbare Orte.

Wir bemühen uns, das Produkt innerhalb des nächsten Werktages zu versenden. Wir versuchen, kundenspezifische Produkte innerhalb einer Woche zu versenden

The shipping time depends on your location and can vary. You can see the estimated shipping time when you are checking out.

About my order

Please contact us as quick as possible to let us know - we recommend calling us at +358505339772

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If you haven't received a shipping confirmation email yet, it is possible.

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Rückgabe und Umtausch

Wir haben 14 Tage RücknahmegarantieDies bedeutet, dass Sie 14 Tage nach Erhalt Ihres Artikels Zeit haben, eine Rücksendung anzufordern.

Bei Rückfragen können Sie uns jederzeit unter kontaktierenStable@hummahorses.comund wir helfen Ihnen weiter.

You can make a return in 14 days after receiving the order. You can find the directions here. Please contact our customer serviceat before you send us anything back.

Wenn Sie uns unter kontaktiert haben oder das Formular ausfüllen, senden wir Ihnen das Rücksendeetikett sowie Anweisungen, wie und wohin Sie Ihr Paket senden sollen.

We refund all returns in maximum of 14 days since receiving them. Refunds are made to your original payment method and it might take a few bank days to receive the refund. 

We are sorry if our product did not meet your standards. Our customer service is happy to guide you through a claim process. To start the process, please take pictures of the product that shows the faults as clearly as possible and send the pictures and a detailed description of the issue to us through email at We will get back to you through email or call you if more information is needed.

We are sorry for our mistake. Get in contact with us through email at or by phone +358505339772 and we’ll organize a return for the wrong item and send the correct one your way.

We are very sorry! Please contact our customer service, we’ll organize an exchange so you’ll get a new, perfect item. If at this point the product you received is out of stock, we’ll refund you or you can exchange the. Get in contact through email at or by phone +358505339772

Absolutely not. You can send the product back in any package you like, as long as it protects the products well.