HUMMA - Finnish hobby horses is here!

Happy hobbyhorses on their hobby horses

The day we have so longed for is finally here. Let us present

HUMMA - Finnish hobby horses

Today we open our stable doors and let you into the warmth of the wonderful universe of hobby horses. HUMMA is located in Finland and therefore it is natural that our stable is full of Finnhorse hobby horses. There are also Appaloosa hobby horses in the stable waiting to move to new homes where they will meet wonderful people and live a life of joy and happiness. Many of the hobby horses show signs of nervousness, by scraping the ground with their hooves and neighing of excitement, because this is the most exciting time of their lives. They are eagerly waiting to get to know the person who will be their best friend and with whom they will discover the world. They are curious about all the activities they will get to take part in and all the new things they will get to learn. But most of all, the hobby horses are waiting for the love and good times they will have with their new best friend. 


In the shop you can see the hobby horses and choose your own one. If you want more information about the hobby horses you can read about it under Meet our horses and if you need more information about the materials, the sustainability aspect you find it under About us. All the hobby horses are handmade by artisans in Finland and therefore each hobby horse is unique. 

Help us spread the hobby horse joy by telling about us to your friends and by sharing us on social media with the hashtag #hummahorses. You can find us on Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook at @hummahorses


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