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Dressage is all about an incredible relationship between the horse and
the rider. It's like magic when the horse and the rider are dancing together.
These horses, well, they have their personalities, but they will listen to all
your signals, it's almost like they can read your mind. That's dressage at its

Dressage riding on a hobby horse
Dressage is positive for all riding

Riding dressage is very positive for all kinds of riding because it
improves the cooperation between rider and horse. By practicing tempo changes,
movements and steps, they learn to communicate better. The horse begins to
understand what the rider wants and more importantly the rider learns to
communicate so that the horse understands what he means.

Elegance and harmony

The dressage horses are specifically designed and trained to work perfectly and optimally in dressage. The curved neck means that the center of gravity ends up right and the steps get elegance and rhythm when the weight of the hobby horse is directed correctly. The weight of the hobby horse needs to be large enough and correctly directed for the dance to be harmonious and at the same time glamorous.

Dressage Hobby Horses
High quality

The dressage hobby horse has an optimized well-balanced shape to ride dressage with. Therefore, this is a first choice for both beginners and more experienced in dressage. The hobby horse is made of durable Velboa fabric and the mane of thin yarn to make buds easier to make. The horse is made entirely by skilled craftsmen in Finland. The shadows are painted by an artist and vary from horse to horse. Each horse is its own and the idea is that they should not be exactly the same. The stick, which is made of birch, is turned and treated by a carpenter. Thanks to the sleeve, the stick can be easily unscrewed and packed in a bag where it takes up little space. Accessories such as bridles and halters that fit the dressage horse can be found on the accessories page.

HUMMA hobby horse detail picture

Size guide

The sizes of our dressage hobby horses are L and XL.

Size chart for dressage hobby horses