HUMMA Hobby horse with bridle HUMMA Hobby horse steckenpferd with bridle, on a urban parking lot, käpphäst
Two hobby horse riders on the hobby horsing arena young and older hobby horse riders
Girls riding hobby horses steckenpferde on a field | HUMMA Girls riding hobby horses steckenpferde on a field | HUMMA

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A hobby horse can give you the most wonderful moments. It provides joy, creativity, community and exercise!

Hobby horse customer testimonials

My experience of HUMMA is good and I can recommend their craft to people in all ages. They have shown great commitment both in the hobby and in the crafting of hobby horses. The hobby horses are stylish, personal, high quality and well balanced to ride!

Alisa riding dressage on a HUMMA hobby horse steckenpferd - testimonial
Alisa Aarniomäki, Hobby Horsing since 2008, Dressage rider of the year 2020 and Finnish Dressage Champion 2022 , @windnahorses

My HUMMA hobby horse is easy and fun to ride because it is stable, light and balanced. I am riding outdoors almost daily regardless of the weather or season. Although we have been on many exciting adventures the hobby horse keeps its shape and color.

I like most jumping obstacles and riding in the woods. Humma has even a own box stall in my room.

Elin jumping obsticles with hobby horse steckenpferd - testimony
Elin, born 2008, riding hobby horses daily since early childhood

HUMMA hobby horses are really living up to their value. They are beautifully made and of high quality. The details are really unique and give the whole hobby horse a realistic look. I get a really good feeling when riding them. They are very stable and they have a good length on the stick. They are suitable for all type of hobbyhorse activities!

KHT Wellamo with her Humma Hobby Horse steckenpferd
Ronja, hobbyhorsing since 2012, @khtvellamo
made in finland
Quality Hobby Horses

Every single hobby horse is crafted with love and care using ethical and qualitative materials

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For us at HUMMA, the environment and sustainability are important. We do not want the best hobby in the world, hobbyhorsing, to have any negative impact on the environment whatsoever.

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Ethical & high quality

We think every material, used for HUMMA hobby horses, should look good, be comfortable to touch, last a long time and be as environmentally friendly as possible.


is for all and it's the best hobby in the world!