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Christmas 2023 Delivery Schedule: Key Information to Keep in Mind!

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Welcome to our guide on the delivery schedule for Christmas 2023! We understand that this is a busy time for delivery companies and customs services, and we want to share important information to make your holiday shopping as smooth as possible.

1. High Demand and Possible Delays:

  • Recognize that delivery companies and customs services are operating under high demand, which may result in delays.
  • Note especially that customs work is beyond our control.

2. UPS Delivery Information:

  • Deliveries sent with UPS Standard and Expedited may require 1 extra day in transit.
    UPS Express Saver is expected to proceed as usual.
  • The estimated delivery time will be visible during the checkout process, allowing you to plan accordingly.
  • For those opting for Posti's services, it is advisable to place your order no later than December 4th for European destinations and December 11th for Nordic countries. In Finland, the last day to place an order with Posti is December 19th. This ensures a smoother and more timely delivery experience.

3. Customs Information for outside EU Packages:

  • Those needing to clear packages from the EU are advised to check with their own country's customs service for potential delays.

4. Popular Hobby Horses:

5. Ordering Tips:

  • Place your orders as early as possible to avoid potential delays and while there are still hobby horses available
  • Consider choosing Express delivery for the fastest and most secure option.

6. Our Commitment to Christmas Delivery:

  • We are doing our utmost to ensure that your packages reach you in time for Christmas.
  • Stay updated with any messages or updates from us.

Conclusion: We hope this information assists you in planning and enjoying a peaceful holiday season. Thank you for choosing us for your Christmas purchases!

Share this guide with your friends and family to spread awareness and help others also plan their holiday purchases in advance.


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