How are HUMMA-horses made

HUMMA Hobby Horses are handmade. In this section we will show you how HUMMA horses are made.

The stick

The sticks are made of Finnish birch. A local carpenter saws the birch logs into bars and makes perfectly round sticks using a lathe-machine. After this the sticks are oiled and waxed for additional durability.

The fabric

The Hobby Horses are made of durable velboa-fabric. The pieces are cut out using different patterns. The pieces are marked to fit together. Sewing a Hobbyhorse is a really accurate job. It requires a lot of practice and accurate hands. Especially when sewing different details, like the ears and blazes.

The mane

The mane is made of wool threads. The thickness and length of the threads differs depending on which horse we are making. Some horses have a mane made of one colour, and some have a mix of colours. Finally, the threads are cut of equal length and combed.


The Hobby horses are filled with a filling made of recycled PET-bottles. The filling of the hobbyhorse is the most challenging part of all the process. Here the horse gets its shape and weight.


The shadows and eyes are painted. The paintings are made by a local artist, and she has been granted artistical freedom. That's one reason why every HUMMA Hobby Horse is unique. There isn't two Hummahorses that look the same.