How to start hobbyhorsing

What is hobbyhorsing? What´s the thing with hobby horses? Why is hobbyhorsing and hobby horses so popular? It's funny to think that still a few years ago, these questions arose when we mentioned hobbyhorsing. One reason why hobbyhorsing become so popular is the lack of demands in the hobby. The hobby can be almost anything and the threshold to start is very low. That´s one of the secrets behind the popularity and just like it is with everything else, when many people are doing the same thing, the hobby starts evolving.

Hobbyhorsing has evolved to be something very beautiful. There are almost no limitations on how far you can go with this hobby. You can just play with your hobby horse at home or you can practise in a hobby horse discipline to be a Champion. Did you know that you can become a National champion in riding dressage with a hobby horse? Alisa Aarniomäki is living proof of this. Take a look at her superb technique and wonderful moves by clicking the link Windnahorses

Alisa at the championships

What a span of possibilities in hobbyhorsing. There is an enormous joy of taking your hobby horse outside for a ride, with no pressure, no goals. Just riding: "Would I go to the park… maybe there are some friends with their hobby horses... we could go cross-country riding... or just chill on the park bench… or maybe we could make a few jumps over some low obstacles… or over the bench as Eric does... maybe Susy is there with her hobby horse that is always going in directions where Susy doesn't want to go, and we are all laughing… or maybe I’ll just go home and plan that stable with wooden doors for my hobby horse…"

All between those imagined happenings and a National Champion. Everything is possible. But how does it start?

It all starts with a person and a Hobby Horse. Simple as that!