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HUMMA Finnish Hobby Horses is a family company, founded in 2020. Our goal is to design and create high quality hobby horses for the whole world.
Girls with hobby horses steckenpferde united by hobbyhorsing regardless of background
How it all started
Our Story

The idea for HUMMA was born when the hobby horse revolution spread across our neighborhoods and our families couldn't get high quality hobbyhorses.  We realized that more hobby horses are needed in the world!

Our goal is first, to make the best hobby horses and second, make them available to as many as possible. We want our hobby horses to have the same appearance and characteristics of real horses. Therefore, we spend a lot of time developing the different models and refining the details.

We want our hobby horses to be of the highest quality, both in appearance, user-friendliness and durability. Our horses are made with love for man, animals and nature!

Our horses are
Quality Hobby Horses

For us is it simply not enough to want our hobby horses to be of high quality, we need to know that they are. Of course we have a large number of quality requirements, but did you know that we have one way, above all others, to see that our hobby horses meet our quality criteria?

We know it’s high quality when we see the HUMMA hobby horse being a daily companion. We love when we see how its thick brush is braided and how it is stroked. We love to see hobby horses on trips as a friend, involved in the games in the courtyards, practiced with and competed with in any sort of hobby horse competition. It's really meant to be used even though it's so beautiful.

Three girls riding their hobby horses Steckenpferde through a alley
Making hobby horses by hand, attaching the stick to the hobby horse
Every hobby horse is

The second reason why we know that HUMMA hobby horses are of high quality, is the fact that they are Finnish handicrafts. Therefore each horse is unique, two identical can´t be found. But how does it relate to quality? Of course through love. Did you know that because of love, craftsmen usually have a hard time leaving a hobby horse they make on the departing shelf? They stroke it, brush the mane, add a little paint here, and a little there, and stroke it again. The hobby horse is the creation of their hands and the artisan’s love for the work of their hand is a guarantee of quality.

High quality and sustainable

How do you choose a material that at the same time feels nice, looks good, is durable and is as sustainably as possible? Someone might think it’s an impossible combination. It’s no idea to even try.

We try.

We have tested hundreds of materials, calculated emissions from transportation, examined manufacturing methods and started all over again. In the end,  we have found for every piece, from thread to paint, from stick to package, materials that meet our requirements.

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Two girls riding hobby horses Steckenpferde in riding plan. Sustainability
What we think of

For us at HUMMA, the environment and sustainability are important. We do not want the best hobby in the world, hobby horses, to have any negative impact on the environment whatsoever.

Our goal is for our hobby horses to constantly meet the following criteria: it should look good, it should be comfortable to touch, it should last a long time and it should be as environmentally friendly as possible. At the same time, this means that we can always improve.

We are not perfect yet, but we are not greenwashing. A "green" stamp means nothing, if it does not really matter. Sometimes a recycled material is a wiser choice than a "green-stamped", new material. Is a durable, slightly less "green" material ultimately better than a "green" material that does not last that long? These things, and many others, we think about because we care about our environment.

Hobby Horses from

The hobby horse revolution started in Finland. We are happy that it's spreading to the entire world.

Finland is known for its pure nature, many lakes and large forests. The four seasons provide a continuous change in the beauty of nature. Nature inspires us in many ways, including our choice of materials and colors. At the same time as we draw influences and inspiration from nature, it also provides an opportunity for recovery and tranquility.

In the middle of all this, the HUMMA-horse is created by local craftsmen and local companies to provide the world with high quality hobby horses. 

Finland nature in autumn
Winter landscape Finland

HUMMA Hobby Horses

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