Hobby horsing as a hobby

Someone said that 250 € - 350 € for a hobby horse is way too much! The person continued and said that a hobby horse is “just a toy”! We at HUMMA decided to straighten these arguments.

Firstly, the hobby horse isn’t “just a toy”. “Just a toys” aren’t made by hand by professional craftsmen with a great amount of love. A Hobby horse is more like a friend and a hobby equipment. But it’s also way more than equipment. Who has ever seen someone braiding the strings on their tennis racket and has someone ever seen somebody striking lovingly their baseball bat?

We decided to make a matrix with the most common hobbies in Finland. We did this because we want everybody to know that hobbyhorsing is the best hobby in the world!


Starting fee, includes equipment

Seasonal fees/ year

Updating equipment/ year

Place to hobby

Hobby group

Hobby horsing

250 – 350 €

No fees

45 € Annual service for the hobbyhorse

Every place in the world

Whoever. Alone or with friends


1000 € - 5000 €

1000 €- 1500 €

50 €

Home/ pianoschool

Alone or with the teacher


150 €

600 € - 900 €

50 €


A football team


150 €

300 € - 900 €

50 €

Field for athletics

Athletics group


200 € - 500 €

600 € - 2000 €

200 €


Icehockey team


500 €

20 € - 30 € / DAY

100 €

Slope/ hillside

Alone or with the teacher


230 €

400 €

50 € - 150 €


Floorball team


210 €

1300 € - 3120 €

150 €

Stable/ Manege/ area meant for riding

The riding group


200 €

300 € - 500 €

100 €


The dancing group or a teacher

The prices are average price-estimates in Finland 2022.

Hobbyhorsing is the best hobby in the world. It does cost something to get a high quality hobby horse, but it sustains, and well served it actually sustains for a very long time. There are no license fees, no driving to the hobbyplace and no pressure. It’s a happy hobby, and it can be practiced wherever and whenever. And usually there will be friends joining the practice, and if there wouldn’t, you still have your hobby horse with you.

You can practice hobbyhorsing even if you never practice competition disciplines. The hobby horse can be taken care of, and you can ride it without any goals or pressure. Someone loves braiding the mane as much as someone else loves a perfect hobbyhorse jump. Take a look at different braiding techniques here.