"Fleur de sel" Finnhorse Hobby Horse - M Allround
"Fleur de sel" Finnhorse Hobby Horse - M Allround - €249 |HUMMA
"Fleur de sel" Finnhorse Hobby Horse - M Allround - €249 |HUMMA
"Fleur de sel" Finnhorse Hobby Horse - M Allround - €249 |HUMMA
"Fleur de sel" Finnhorse Hobby Horse - M Allround
Hobby horse size quide Finnhorse Hobby Horse - M Allround - €249 |HUMMA

"Fleur de sel" Finnhorse Hobby Horse - M Allround

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  • HANDMADE with love by professional artisans using high-quality sustainable materials
  • REALISTIC DESIGN inspired by real finnhorses to achieve the appearance and characteristics of a real horse
  • MADE IN FINLAND with its beautiful lakes and forests this is where the hobby horse revolution started and is spreading across the world
  • BODY SIZE size 27 x 32 cm with a 45 cm attachable birch stick weighting a total of 700 g
  • WELL BALANCED easy and fun to ride, perfect for jumping obstacles, riding dressage or simply riding in the nature

Did you know that the white color on a finnhorse is really rare. For decades there where documented only one white finnhorse and people thought the white finnhorse was lost forever. But a few years ago a Finnish woman, Anita Viitanen who breeds finnhorses, bred a white finnhorse! Good job Anita! For that reason we want to offer you the white finnhorse. It maybe isn't as elegant as the white horses in stories, but a more trustworthy, stable and friendly horse is hard to find. It is the best friend you can have.  

The head of the hobby horse is about 27 cm wide and 32 cm high. The height of the whole hobby horse with the attachable birch stick is about 80 cm and it weighs about 700 grams. 

For best riding experience you will need a bridle. Check out the bridles for your horse.

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Konrad Wallner

Everytime again


Our daughter love her new horse. Order and shipping were great!

Another very beautiful Horse

My 2 daughters (7&10) love their HUMMA Hoby horses. They arrived in perfect condition and when unboxing you can feel thy have been handcrafted with love and dedication. Our Fleur de Sel has been named White Beauty and the name fits perfectly and also touching them feels very soft and nice. It is amazing to observe when they play with their hobby horses and how much fantasy they have and how creative they are. They spent hours riding them in different disciplines, taking care of them and styling the hair, even making halters theirselves. They may appear costly but once you hold them in hands, and feel and see the great quality and the good time your kids are having with them you will for sure come to the conclusion the are worth every single cent. THX HUMMA!

its sooo cool and beautyful

i love it

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