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Mexican bridle for hobby horses, sustainable leather

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A mexican bridle is also sometimes called the 'figure eight' or 'crossover' noseband. It is designed for the rider to have better control over the horse and is often used for strong-willed (read stubborn) horses.

The mexican noseband consists of two diagonally crossing narrow straps with their crossover point  with a small circular pad of felt on the front of the hobby horse's nose. If a horse wearing a bridle with a grackle noseband tries to open his mouth to evade the bit he will feel pressure on bridge of the nose and his chin groove.

Technical information

The bridles are made from leather in colors of black and brown. The metal parts are in the color of silver. The bridle are found in different sizes from medium to extra large. See the table for the exact measurements

Strap  Length in cm
Behind the ears and under the chin
From bit, behind the ears to the bit
Around the nose
Length of reins 92 
The width of the bit 6


These bridles are made from sustainable leather. How can we say that the leather is sustainably made? We have good reasons for that.

  1. The leather used for the bridles is from wild moose from Scandinavia
  2. The leather is bark tanned in a local tannery in Finnish Ostrobothnia
  3. The bridles are made according to the principles of circular economy
  4. If the leather is cared for in the right way, in other words treated with leather grease at regular intervals, it will last for decades.
  5. The bridles are made by craftsmen in Finland

Therefore, we dare to say that more sustainably made bridles are hard to find. By taking care of the bridle you can also be part of the circular economy. If you take good care of the bridle you will be able sell it on or give it to the next generation hobby horse fans when the time has come . This is not possible if you use artificial leather that has a significantly shorter lifespan.

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