About Hobby Horse accessories

You can have many different hobby horses if you just have time and space for them, but you can have a ton of different accessories. But what do you really need for accessories? Lets start with bridles, halters, leadropes and sticks. 


Choosing accessories

The accessories are made to fit the different sizes of horses from S-XL. If you have a Humma hobby horse, make sure you have the right bridle and halter for the right horse. That is, if you have a M-size horse you need a M-size bridle or halter. If you do not have a humma hobby horse, you can check the size in the table on the product page.

Balck hobby horse bridle
Friesian dressage hobby horse
Two girls riding hobby horses Steckenpferde in riding plan. Sustainability
Using bridles

Bridles are needed to ride a hobby horse. With a bridle, the horse is controlled and the movements are achieved elegantly in that the hobby horse movements can be controlled both by controlling the stick with one hand and guiding the head through the bridle with the other. Finding good grip and movement patterns needs to be trained in the same way as with live horses for riding to be really good.

Hobby horse with a mexican bridle
Sustainable bridles

Humma bridles for hobby horses are handmade in Finland. They are made of genuine leather and are available in different colors. All leather used for bridles is waste products and all leather is procured by credible and local players. By taking advantage of all parts of the animal, we make sure to reduce the waste of the earth's natural resources. A bridle made of leather lasts a very long time, even for generations, and is a better alternative than those made of artificial leather. Most metal parts on the bridle are made in the EU.


The halter is used on horses daily. Halter and lead ropes are used for to be able to easily and safely handle the horse during care, movements and when the horse is standing in its paddock. The halter is easy to grip and with the lead rope it is easy to lead the horse or tie it. The halter is made for HUMMA hobby horses, so make sure you get the right size of halter. The size of the halter can be seen on the product page. Each halter is handmade in Finland. All parts are made within the EU.

Hobby horse with halter among flowers
Hobby horse stick attached to the hobby horse

The HUMMA Hobby Horses comes with a detachable stick. The fact that the stick is detachable has its advantages, for example, it is easier to pack the hobby horse in the suitcase. Or just think about the block party where you can change the stick and match the color of the stick with your clothes. Another advantage is that you can vary the length of the stick for example when you are riding dressage and when you are jumping with your hobby horse.

Hobby horse leadrope

A leadrope is what you need when you handle the hobby horse. Even when you take a walk or tie the hobby horse you will use a leadrope. Sometimes if you have a mischievous hobby horse, you may need two leadropes.