"Black beauty" Friesian Hobby Horse - XL Dressage - €284 | HUMMA
"Black beauty" Friesian Hobby Horse - XL Dressage - €284 | HUMMA
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"Black beauty" Friesian Hobby Horse - XL Dressage

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  • HANDMADE with love by professional artisans using high-quality sustainable materials
  • REALISTIC DESIGN inspired by real horses to achieve their appearance and characteristics 
  • MADE IN FINLAND with its beautiful lakes and forests this is where the hobby horse revolution started and is spreading across the world
  • BODY SIZE size 36 x 32 cm with a 45 cm attachable birch stick. Total weight 1200 g.
  • WELL BALANCED easy and fun to ride, perfect for riding dressage or simply riding in the nature

Black beauty was named easily. At first glance of this horse, we said "what a black beauty". From that moment she has been Black beauty. Black beauty is a big dressage hobby horse with smooth and nice movements, exactly like real Friesian horses. As the Friesian horses are known for being easy to teach, this hobby horse is perfect for hobby horse riders of all levels.

Dressage is all about an incredible relationship between the horse and the rider. It's like magic when the horse and the rider are dancing together. And these horses, well, they have their personalities, but they will listen to all your signals, it's almost like they can read your mind. And that's dressage at its best.

Technical information

Black beauty is a perfect extra large sized hobby horse for dressage riding with its curved neck and well balanced stick. It is hand made by Finnish craftsmen of black velboa fabric with a black mane. The hobby horse is painted by an artisan with non-toxic colors. The height of the body is 36 cm and the width 32 cm. The attachable stick, made of birch, is 45 cm long and the total length of the hobby horse is 87 cm. The weight is about 1200 g. 

Body height 36 cm
Body width 32 cm
Body thickness 12 cm
Handle length 6 cm
Attachable stick length 45 cm
Total length 87 cm
Weight 1200 g

For more information of the dressage hobby horses and size guide read About dressage hobby horses

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Christian K.
Black Beauty - Great piece of work

My daughter is absolutely excited about her new hobby horse - great quality of work and materials used, beautiful to look at, quick delivery timeline.

Fantastic Horse

My daughter loves it. I can only add that it is perfectly crafted. Surely, not cheap though, but you get what you pay for, it is worth every cent! Near to perfection. If you desperately search for a thing to improve I would recommend „real“ glass eyes.

Splendido frisone

Bellissimo col suo mantello nero, la lunga criniera... tutto fatto rigorosamente a mano

Il nero del mistero

Bellissima e perfetta riproduzione di un cavallo frisone.
Accarezzandolo ti rendi conto della ottima qualità dei materiali usati, fantastici artigiani con la loro manifattura

Perfetto per il dressage

Chi conosce veramente il dressage, ha gareggiato ad alti livelli , non può che scegliere un cavallo Humma.
Perfetto per questa difficile disciplina
Il mio scopo è rendere popolare questo sport in Italia

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