Finnish Hobby Horse Championship 17.6.2023

Finnish Hobbyhorse Championships 2023 show jumping

  • What: Finnish Hobby Horse Championship
  • When: 17.6.2023 10 am. to 18 pm.
  • Where: Kirkkokatu 23, 60220 Seinäjoki, FINLAND'
  • Price: 15€/ticket or family price 50 
  • For who: All hobby horse enthusiasts

In the town of Seinäjoki, Finland, something extraordinary is about to take place on the 17th of June, 2023. The Finnish Hobby Horse Championship will be held for the 10th time. The Championship is the largest hobby horse event in the world and HUMMA will, of course, be there and participate with exciting new products and programs. So saddle up and join us at the exciting hobby horse event.

A Celebration of Hobbyhorsing

Organized by The Finnish Hobbyhorse Association, the Finnish Hobby Horse Championships bring together over 1,500 participants from both Finland and abroad. This event is more than just a competition; it is a celebration of passion, creativity, and the joy that hobby horses bring to people's lives. Here, participants showcase their skills, determination, and camaraderie while enjoying their beloved hobby and sport. The atmosphere is electrifying, as riders and spectators alike are immersed in a sea of enthusiasm and shared love for these extraordinary hobby horses.

 Video by Suomen keppihevosharrastajat ry


High-class hobby horse competition

The Finnish Hobby Horse Championship is not only, despite the name, for Finns, but also has a competition class specially designed for international competitors. The registration period to participate has already expired, but it's worth coming and watching to enjoy the great atmosphere. There will be many different disciplines and classes, for example show jumping, 80 cm team show jumping high jumping, dressage, kür and western riding with a lot of participants competing. So don't hesitate to come and witness the best hobby horse riders in the world.

Hobby Horse Sales Area

The Finnish Hobby Horse Championship is not only an event with exciting competitions, but also contains a lot of other programs for enthusiasts and shoppers. There will be the super-popular and colossal sales area, accommodating over a hundred sellers. Whether you're in search of a new hobby horse or some fabulous hobby horse accessories, the sales area will satisfy all your equestrian desires. Get a sneak peek at the merchandise available on Instagram under the tag #smmyynti23. HUMMA will also have a sales stand with new Unique hobby horses and small competitions with nice prizes.

A Warm Welcome to All

No matter who you are or what brings you to the Finnish Hobby Horse Championships, a warm and inclusive atmosphere awaits you. Whether you're a beginner curious to learn more, a seasoned veteran eager to showcase your skills, a guardian supporting a young rider, or simply someone fascinated by this unique hobby, this event is for you. Purchase a visitor ticket and immerse yourself in a world where creativity, imagination, and friendship reign supreme.

See you there!

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