🥳 Happy birthday HUMMA!

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Today 12.11 is it exactly one year since we opened the webshop hummahorses.com and sold the same day a "Flashmane" Appaloosa hobby horse with a black bridle. What a joy for us to fulfill the first order and make someone happy for their own hobby horse!

For us on HUMMA the absolute best feedback we can get is when we see how much joy the hobby horses spread. That someone is happy to get a hobby horse and can practice the best hobby you can have, is what motivates us the most. We work continuously to develop and find solutions that reduce our climate footprint by finding sustainable methods and materials.

We are grateful for what we have achieved so far and send a humble thank you, to all of you who have been with us on this journey. It is YOU who made this possible and together we aim for new heights!

Congratulations HUMMA! 🥳🎂💝

In honor of the day, we give a 10 percent discount automatically at check-out! (Only today 12.11.2021)

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