NEW hobby horse collection - BASIC

NEW hobby horse collection - BASIC S | HUMMA

We have the honor to present to you our BASIC hobby horse collection. This collection will be next to our PRO collection, which are the original hobby horses we have sold for two years already. The BASIC collection is a simplified model of the hobby horses where all the extra finesse was scaled down, but we kept the quality of the original PRO collection.

The BASIC collection of hobby horses will be expanded gradually, in several variants and in several sizes. The BASIC hobby horses we have available now are in S size, which means that it is the smallest hobby horse we currently offer. It is available in three different variants and we have made a Bitless bridle that fits the new collection perfectly.

NEW hobby horse collection - BASIC STELLA

"Stella" Hobby horse BASIC - S allround

Differences between PRO and BASIC hobby horses:
1. The stick on the PRO hobby horses is detachable, which simplifies traveling in a bag and the stick can be replaced with a stick in a different color or length. The stick of the BASIC is non-detachable.
2. The painting on each PRO hobby horse is a masterpiece and gives the hobby horse life and personality while BASIC only has "basic" shadows painted.
3. The eye of PRO hobby horse is full of life and very beautiful while BASIC has a "basic" eye.
4. The PRO hobby horse is made of more pieces of fabric than BASIC
5. The PRO horse is delivered in a really nice box, while the BASIC is delivered in a "basic" transport box

"Sínfonia" Andalusian hobby horse PRO - XL dressage with a brown mexican bridle

"Sínfonia" Andalusian hobby horse PRO - XL dressage with a brown mexican bridle

Similarities between the PRO and BASIC:
1. Both are made in the same quality of materials and seams.
2. Both have open mouths and can have bridles with bits.
3. Both are made to give many joyful moments in all kinds of different hobby horse riding

Take care,
Anni, Marika and Jimmy at HUMMA

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