Shipping schedules for Christmas 2020

Hobby horse Shipping schedules for Christmas 2020

Living far up north has both pros and cons.One of the benefits is of course the Northern Lights. Under the Northern lights the elves are doing their best to finish as many hobby horses as possible, but even they have a limit of what is possible. Place therefore your order while there are still hobby horses available and make sure you get your hobby horse for Christmas by choosing the right delivery method. The last order day to be sure to get your hobby horses and accessories before christmas 2020 are shown here. 


Posti 21.12 14:00

Matkahuolto 18.12 14:00


Sweden, Denmark and Baltia

Standard shipping 14.12 14:00

Express 14.12 14:00

UPS express saver 17.12



Standard shipping 7.12 14:00

Express 10.12 14:00

UPS express saver 17.12


Outside Europe

Standard shipping 15.11

Express 1.12

UPS express saver 14.12



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